The Transformation Cauldron of the Heart….

Balancing the Scales of the Heart and the Feather……

Love~Life’s Blissful cascading waters move through the Starry Fir Crown

of Ancient Tree Sages…..

The Tree of Life that runs through us in Two Languages

and Yew’s Celestial Milky Way Appearance….

Christ’s Shamanic Cave in the Gap and the Void


Through the Swan, VultureHeart and Eagle

archtypes in the Skys…..



Faerie G~Dmothers : On Earth as it is in Heaven.




This Chandra X-ray image of the Galactic Center shows three massive star clusters near Sagittarius A*.

The clusters, Arches (upper right), Quintuplet (upper center), and the GC cluster (bottom center), contain massive stars that appear as very bright, point-like X-ray sources when winds from their surfaces collide with those from an orbiting companion. Vast amounts of energy are also released when these stars explode as supernovas, heating the surrounding material. Stellar corpses in this image also emit X-rays as either neutron stars or black holes in binary systems. Collisions between the clusters themselves and cooler molecular clouds of gas contribute to the diffuse X-rays seen in this image.















Conversations with the Survival, Trauma and Higher Self

Survival here….

wtf….you want me to live one breath at a time,

When i am in transition …

the only income and

what’s left of my mom’s financial legacy

Is less than 1,400 a month…

and off of that first comes $130 tithing

to Sisters in recognition of giving Divine Service..

Then Government Tax to support the corporate Nation……

The remaing $800 or so to Live on.

My legititmate needs in Dignity of Human being living Heaven on Earth….

Is a piece of property that wants to provide for my

Essential Embodied Soul Needs.

The property and Spirit of this Land want me here to be their Spiritual Eyes…..

The Hag at the Well…waiting for the Knight’s intuitive guidance as to how this unfolds….

Letting go of this Gift is no easy feat!!!


when i want Order, Control, Routine, Absolutes……….