Post Libra Sun with Fiery Aries full Moon

There is a profound alignment,

dancing into place….

carriers of Parachute Strings and Rainbow ribbons

finding “right” Connection….

that will set our Golden Balloon Soul afloat…

The Rising of the Tent of Presence….the home of the Shekinah of the Earth,

Shiva’s Burning Disk in the Spenta Armaiti’s Solar Fire

…..The Incarnation of a Planetary World Mother…


Brigit’s flame of Trinity Three….Mother, Maiden, Crone….ONE FLAME

Surrender Vulcan’s Bellows to the Divine Pulse and One shared Rhythm of Breath

Shared with the Plant Kingdom and the Verdatis Ray of the Elohim….

Bright Arrow, in a sagittarian bow, Aimed through Saturn the Gate Keeper’s Station at the Galactic Heart Centre….

Anchored with Shiva and Neptune’s Triton of Power and Transformation

and the Karmic Virgo Door of Spiritual Evolution in Cosmic FORM…

The Cosmic Harp and Heart, the Earth.

Release the obligations of atonement, with the Ancestral Cloud of Witnesses,

WHO Claim responsibility for their own Hearts and Souls….

even as we “see” and acknowledge their pain and choices through the Eyes of a loving Heart and Witness Soul.

Anatares incarnate….the Compassionate Dragon Cosmic Heart and Kalachakra upward flow….

Awaken the Compassion for all Sentience, and find the Homeostasis for the Whole.












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