Steward of a Cretan Labyrinth on a Lavender and Winery Farm


In the French administrative system of the Middle Ages, the seneschal (French: sénéchal) was also a royal officer in charge of justice and control of the administration in southern provinces, equivalent to the northern French bailiff (bailli).

…..a compound of *sini– (cf. Gothic sineigs “old”, sinista “oldest”) and scalc “servant”

the seneschal was originally a royal steward overseeing the entire country but developed into an agent of the crown charged with administration of a seneschalty (French: sénéchaussée), one of the districts of the crown lands in Languedoc and Normandy…….The seneschals also served as the chief justice of the royal courts in their areas.

Sir Kay, a legendary seneschal in the court of King Arthur.



It was also a term used to refer to the chief servant of a landed estate.

From Old English stíweard, stiȝweard, from stiȝ “hall, household” + weardwarden, keeper”; corresponding to Dutch: stadhouder, German Statthalter “place holder”, a Germanic parallel to French lieutenant.

The Stewart family traces its appellation to the office of the High Steward of Scotland. Lord High Steward of Ireland is a hereditary office held since the 15th century.


The office of Steward or Grand Steward is an elected office of merit in Freemasonry. The main duty of the Steward is to attend on visitors and to assist other Officers in their duties. The Grand Stewards may provide special assistance at Lodge Installations. The Stewards jewel consists of a cornucopia with compasses above.[1][2]


Cornucopia…..Sacred Path Cards, Jamie Sams

Card #38..Field of Plenty:

“In our Seneca Tradition, The field of Plenty is seen as a Spiral that has its smallest revolution out in space and its largest revolution near the Earth. This shape could be likened to an upside down tornado. When our Ancestors Assisted the Pilgrims in Planting Corn and raising crops so they would not starve, we taught them the understanding of the Field of Plenty by bringing the Cornucopia Baskets full of vegetables. The Iroquois women Wove these baskets as a physical reminder that Great Mystery provides through the Field of Plenty. The Pilgrims were taught that Giving prayers of Gratitude was not just a Christian Concept. The Red Race understood thanksgiving on a daily basis. The Field of Plenty is always full of abundance. The gratitude we show as Children of Earth allows the Ideas within the Field of Plenty to Manifest on the Good Red Road so we may enjoy these fruits in a physical manner….

….Since the Vibral Alignment, or Harmonic Convergence in August of 1987, our Elders have seen the Field of Plenty Actually touch the earth Mother and come to rest like a Blanket over her body. In so doing, the Field of Plenty is now able to provide instant manifestation for all Earth’s Children Who call for their needs with gratitude prior to receiving those blessings. The Field of Plenty houses all thought-forms that supply abundant creativity to the Children of Earth. These new ideas are available to every
two legged and can be made manifest through the acknowledging the ideas then acting on them. When there is a need, it is sent by the Field of Plenty, in Idea Form, to the consciousness of all life-forms. These ideas begin to manifest as they enter into the physical Realm and are acted upon by humans. Every need in our world can be met when we act upon any good idea that comes into our mind.”




Powers and Principalities….are in Archetypal energies….Ceres the goddess of the Underground Earth’s grid….

grain, wheat, scepter, torch, cornucopia.


Post Libra Sun with Fiery Aries full Moon

There is a profound alignment,

dancing into place….

carriers of Parachute Strings and Rainbow ribbons

finding “right” Connection….

that will set our Golden Balloon Soul afloat…

The Rising of the Tent of Presence….the home of the Shekinah of the Earth,

Shiva’s Burning Disk in the Spenta Armaiti’s Solar Fire

…..The Incarnation of a Planetary World Mother…


Brigit’s flame of Trinity Three….Mother, Maiden, Crone….ONE FLAME

Surrender Vulcan’s Bellows to the Divine Pulse and One shared Rhythm of Breath

Shared with the Plant Kingdom and the Verdatis Ray of the Elohim….

Bright Arrow, in a sagittarian bow, Aimed through Saturn the Gate Keeper’s Station at the Galactic Heart Centre….

Anchored with Shiva and Neptune’s Triton of Power and Transformation

and the Karmic Virgo Door of Spiritual Evolution in Cosmic FORM…

The Cosmic Harp and Heart, the Earth.

Release the obligations of atonement, with the Ancestral Cloud of Witnesses,

WHO Claim responsibility for their own Hearts and Souls….

even as we “see” and acknowledge their pain and choices through the Eyes of a loving Heart and Witness Soul.

Anatares incarnate….the Compassionate Dragon Cosmic Heart and Kalachakra upward flow….

Awaken the Compassion for all Sentience, and find the Homeostasis for the Whole.