International Women’s Day

*The Woman Next to You *
Look around Sisters, look around you!
WHO IS THE WOMAN sitting next to you?
The woman next to you is an inexhaustible reservoir of possibility…With possibilities that have never been completely realised…
Full of necessity and possibility…dread and desire…smiles and frowns… laughter and tears…fears and hopes…
all struggling to find expression.
The woman next to you is striving to BECOME something in particular, to arrive at some destination…to have a story… a song…
to be known and to know…
The woman next to you believes in something… something precious…
stands for something…counts for something… lives for something…
runs towards something.
The woman next to you…has problems and fears, wonders how she is doing… and often doesn’t feel very good about it…
is often disorganized and sometimes close to chaos…
but endowed with great toughness in the face of adversity…
and able to survive great difficulties.
The woman next to you is a colony of persons…
persons all met during her lifetime…
father and mother, friend and enemy.
The woman next to you has something she can do well…
something she can do better than anyone else in the whole world…
there is something that she and she alone can do…but she may not dare speak of it to you.
The woman next to you can live with you, not just along side you…she can live, not just for herself, but for you, also…
she can comfort, encounter, understand you if that is what you want…and in turn she is to be understood, too.
The woman next to you…can never be fully understood…she is more than any description or explanation… she can never be fully controlled nor should she be.

The woman next to you is a MYSTERY…
The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us… and so my Sisters (and Brothers) look around you…

That Amazing Word Made Flesh is YOU!!

Courtesy of Vidimus Dominum – The Portal for Religious Life,

some modifications


The Sisters’ Triumphant Entry

Dear Sisters, as you may or may not know, i arrived in Sointula amidst a Peace pilgrimage of penitence….

As most of us learn, if we move into prayer vigil for any thing or any one, it always comes back to WHERE DOES THIS NEED TO HEAL IN ME…….

In 2003 i ran away from my Third Home and Marriage. Having felt called to leave the church to pursue possibilities of offering the Ministry of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care in a more inclusive manner and to discover Personal Power in Christ’s Metanoia…..i found myself without having the Ceremony rites of Community to “make it ” anymore…Chronic fatigue, so much so, i had energy friends tell me they “saw me on the way out the door”….

I had to really depend on prayer to go step by step when i was too broken to find a job to support me…….

In 2003, three significant “stories” were “big” In the “Public Eye”…..The Davinci Code, WhaleRider, and Bend it like Beckman…..

The Davinci Code re awoke the Mary Magdalene Anointing image that the Healing branch of the church possesses,,,,,
and i realized there was my CORE “issue”…

I had not found my own INNER DIVINE BRIDEGROOM….everything for peace was out there where G~d was “Wholly Other”… i started on the journey to ask how i could do this in my life….

so in an inner city basement suite, i put Kids’s glow in the dark Stars above my bed….the Heavenly orbed Canopy over the sarcophagus of the Magdalene in the Roslyn Chapel, and began to re-aquaint myself with the Scriptural Wedding parties, the Jesus Bride, and The Woman with the Alabaster Jar….. .

Christmas 2003…the call came through to make a pilgrimage taking Pictures of Portals to the Holy, IN CANADA, to “perceive Canadian Diamonds”….as my own spirit acknowledged it……February 2004, i woke up experiencing the Presence of St. Francis, and the Instrument of Peace singing through my head…..
These Words for INTENTION for PORTALS TO THE HOLY came through……

In that I have participated in violent relationships, and live in a world that has used violence and violating control in the name of G~d,this journey i make is a penitent journey. Every Step I take I take in penitence for my self and the world’s history of violence. Violence comes in different forms: emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, energetic, verbal. Violence exists in our lack of integrity, our unkindness, our taking life for granted and our not putting to right that which we have violated. Violence exists where Grace is scarce and the need for control is great. I want to walk and breathe a prayer for forgiveness and transformation for us all.

With every step i take, i pray that the Spirit of Shalom—the peace that is created by true righteousness, kindness, justice, compassion, trust and love for G~D self and neighbour—will infuse our universe. I pray that the planet, all living creatures and the whole communion of saints may offer up their prayers with me as i walk with the intention of increasing the universal vibration to one of Holy Shalom — Wholly Peace. I pray that loving peace will replace fear.

I am called to walk for peace—to be a Peace Walker. I being called to take this journey trusting in my own sacred self, calling forth the Spirit of Shalom from the hearts of people, the animals and environment with whoever crosses my Path….I look forward to Welcoming the companionship of anyone who wishes to join me for part of the Journey.”

When one is learning to heal PTSD in Solitude with Spirit, every Vigil requires the work of “Making Peace Adjustments and Letting go from within “….

I have had to reach for the Stars to behold the Manifesting Darkness of my own sorrow and Canada’s Domestic Warfare on every level…..

i have been made aware of the Energetic Adjustment that needs to be made in the “church” energy, to shift our walk into the Divine Heart….

Carolyn Myss has assigned the second chakra to the “Western Church’s Lord’s Table”…which also deals with INTIMATE FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS……

I have been going through a rebirthing process since coming to this Island ……for my healing, that i pray can be intercessory in the Body of the Feminine Christ….

It is the Year of the Fire Monkey….And i  traveled with The Wooden Monkey in 2004….

I need to step into the Divine Fire, and heal with those with symptoms of  burning at the stake and holocaust offerings….

Today as the Bishop and Shepherd of the flock begins his journey in the Land of the ArchAngels’s Medicine Wheel and Ascending Christ….
The Eastern Church begins it’s Lenten Fast…..
I want to ceremonial close the circle of my “search” and open the waters of “my” Re Birth … conjuction with the Bishop and the ANGLICAN roots to our very Sovereign Monarch Spirit……..and with every group of MOTHERS that has ever prayed with “the enemy” in the Name of the Life and Health of Our Children……with Women in Black who blessed me on my journey from the Medicine Wheel of Alberta Suffragettes in Calgary’s Olympic Square….for the Recovery of the Apostleship of the Magdalene call as Shabbat Bride and Aquarian Anointing ONE….

The Apostleship of Women, has to do with the Light and Resurrection that we bear Witness to….the Regaining of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine TRUST that the Maidens of the Wells of Life will not be raped again……

On Palm Sunday….i will, in great humility, awe and grace Walk a path of Joy celebrating the Triumphant Entry as I participate in this divine unfolding to enter the Promised Land of the Builders and Guardians of our Home and Native MotherLand…..

i plan to take the first ferry on Palm Sunday to Alert Bay, find some one “boat” me from Alert Bay to Telegraph Cove and Walk to Port McNeill  where i will take the Ferry Home…..
To the Island of The Loon’s Star FAMILY , Loon’s Big House that was built here in the Trixter’s Beginnings…complete with a Stairway to Heaven…

Sisters….my childhood sexual violation occured in the Land of Anahita….the Zoarastrian ArchAngel Anahita, Member of Trinity Invocated on the Cyrus Cylinder of the Messiah, Cyrus….

and the Word of Living Waters….The Sacred Feminine….of Esther Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Jeremiah

her Temple is in  Hamadan, where  lies Queen Esther’s Tomb….and the Embodiment of Anahita, the Dez River

The Jewish Full moon ceremony that Accompanies Easter this year in the Western Church is the Celebration of the Living Waters of Queen Esther’s gift of Salvation, bringing Dancing Joy to the promised people after being threatened with Genocide by her Persian King…….The Cosmic healing waters of  the ArchAngel Anahita of Venus and Restorative Justice.

Let’s Dance our Mythic Landscape with the Christ Lit PotLatch Heart.

Join with me Separately ~ Together…. participate in a walk, as song, creating an Art Peace…to bless the Rainbow Journey of Peace on Earth as it is in Heaven.




and the Pisces SIGN Stars that Prepare the way, thank you Cathy Lynn Pagano


The Delphinus WINGS of Mother Canada Rising


I have come to understand the First Nation expression of ALL MY RELATIONS, as an invitation that we can have a relationship with all of creation….and there are Communions of Intelligences of Trees, Animals, Birds, Plants that have their role to play in bringing in Heaven on Earth….
My mother’s Famly were BORN WATER people….Sudbury, Ontario, whose region includes 35 Lakes within it’s Regional Boundary.~__~   My Patriotic mother had her “I love Sudbury” Lesson to counter act people’s disgust of it’s Moonlike ~ Polluted ~ to ~ death ~ landscape, down to twenty minutes…this is the one statistic that stayed with me….~_~

Sudbury, Ontario where a meteor impacted the earth, with Valuable Minerals of Nickle, Copper, and Iron..

“Ontario” Anishinabe First Nation country.

My mother’s Sudbury born family were not only SWIMMERS and DIVERS…they were PADDLERS… brother and i both inheriting a love of that Wild Yet PEACEFULL Freedom that comes in a wilderness Landscape, a Canoe, and the Sound of the Loon….My Mother’s Father, joining in “War Canoe” racing at the Toronto Exhibition whenever he could find a team to paddle with.

One of my favourite Stories is how my Aquarian Water Mother and Taurus Father met….Mom was practicing her High Diving at the University of Toronto Pool…..Daddy approached her to offer himself as her coach…..~_~

One of my mother’s favourite Summer Community ritual was campfire Songs around the a Night Fire. The Bird that sang us antiphons was the Loon….My Mother’s Totem and Family’s Totem Bird.  Whenever and Wherever I hear the LOON i’m “HOME”.

Ontario First Nation Anishinabe Country and  Home of the Loon ….

“Indian Summer” awoke in Canada in 1990 with Elijah Harper’s Eagle Feather during the Meech Lake Accord Parliamentary discussions and the Oka Crisis.  I was an ordained minister working in an “interim ministry” of healing congregations with the United Church of Canada at the time.  One of the two churches i was ministering with, was on Scugog Island, next to the Scugog, First Nation of Mississauga, of the Anishinabe people.  It was with Chief Yvonne Edgar and her son, Rick Edgar who mentored me through the First Nation holocaust and their Grief and how they were re~claiming their Inner Voice and Power as First Nation People of the Spirit.

In 1990 most of the First Nation country went into “defiant Protest” through roadblocks as political action to be heard.  After much prayerful deliberation ~_+ Chief Yvonne chose to use Spiritual Tools to “aid the Creator’s Voice”.  She had had a Dream of seeing all the Creator’s Victim Children climbing a GREAT MOUNTAIN TOGETHER….healing their motherless child Wounds, moving out of the atmosphere of constant tribal “in fighting” to RISE TOGETHER.  I was asked to join Yvonne and other First Nation Sisters in planning the event.

I wrote a prayer of confession for the First Nation Rage of Violation that was my own…and was asked to pray it on behalf of those present.

At that Peace Vigil, i was given the Word Anishinabe word, that Yvonne said…”Meegwetch means Thank you….or AMEN.”…

Meegwetch became the First Nation WORD to express  the CANADIAN MOTHERLAND WORD for “EUCHARIST” during that September Peace Vigil on a Windy and Cold day in 1990.

With the Healing Word of Meegwetch, Yvonne gave me the Sacred Fire, “Indian Corn”(her words for Hominy corn”) and together With Elijah Harper of Manitoba and the CREE, the EAGLE….

In this moment, our Yvonne’s and my opportunity to meet, arrives in memory….it was at a gentleman’s funeral that we shared funeral rites….and the Hymn they Sung in English in the Funeral home was : Jesus, Saviour, pilot me

Jesus, Savior, pilot me
Over life’s tempestuous sea;
Unknown waves before me roll,
Hiding rock and treach’rous shoal.
Chart and compass came from thee;
Jesus, Savior, pilot me.

 As a mother stills her child,
Thou canst hush the ocean wild;
Boist’rous waves obey thy will
When thou say’st to them, “Be still!”
Wondrous Sov’reign of the sea,
Jesus, Savior, pilot me.

3. When at last I near the shore,
And the fearful breakers roar
‘Twixt me and the peaceful rest,
Then, while leaning on thy breast,
May I hear thee say to me,
“Fear not; I will pilot thee.”

Prayers of People of the Water….people of the Loon….

In Anishinabe and Cree Cosmology,

“Maung Anungonse (Anishinabe), is translated into English as the Loon. It is called Delphinus on star charts.

In penitence for Violence Done in the Name of God i began a Peace Pilgrimage in 2004.  It Began on Vancouver Island eventually taking me to the Northeast of Vancouver Island, in the NorthWest Pacific of British Columbia….to Malcolm Island…an Island with TWO ORCA RUBBING BEACHES….

Malcom Island has this First Nation Creation Story associated with it…

“DANCING OUR HOUSE”: “Stories Chart a Path to Mythic Places”

by Wedlidi Speck and Bernadette Savoie

1996…a project made possible by funding provided by the New Horizons Program to the Wachiay Friendship Centre.


Long ago, when the world was young, the Ancient Ones lived at Karlukeews. They had their chief Inventor, the Raven. One day, Inventor called all his people to a meeting to discuss the rise of a New World. Inventor said it was time to become human and those who did not want to change would become the animals, birds and fish of future times.

Loon was one of those who decided to become human. He came down with his house and family on the northeastern tip of Malcolm Island. His house had stars on the front of it and a large carved loon sat on the roof facing seaward. Loon was called Xawi’gumae, the Loon Chief. His house was called Tutu’gamala or Star Face House. He called his tribe Xaw’gee’way, the People of the Loon.

When Loon wanted to invite his neighbours to a feast, the carved loon on top of his house made the call of the loon. It was the invitation to a feast call. Soon after the call had been made a Chief and his family paddled his canoe to Loon’s village. He stopped just shy of the beach. It was proper to wait for an invitation to come ashore. The guest was Kwanusila and his family. They were padddling by on their way home when they heard Loon’s invitation to feast. Standing on the Shoreline, Loon Welcomed his guests ashore.

“Welcome to Oxselis,” said Loon. “Welcome to my vilage. Come ashore and share a meal with my family. Come into my house and sit on the mats woven by my wife loon woman. Tonight we shall feast on herring, herring eggs and seaweed. This will be followed by dried salmon berries.”

“Your invitation is generous, my friend. My name is Kwansuila. My family and I are Thunderbird people and we are glad to come ashore and feast with you.”

“When the guests have been brought into the house and were seated, they were given a house dish to eat from and wooden ladles were provided for drinking. The guests were fed in abundance. When the third course had been finished, Loon pulled out his wooden drum and sang his feast song. The sound of Loon’s voice was haunting, mysterious and beautiful. The drum was passed to his guest, who sang his feast song. Following was silence. It was now time for Loon to give his speech.

“My house has stars on it because that is where I came from,” said Loon. “Look up through the smoke hole in the ceiling of my house and you will see my village, the star world. Then look inside my house and see the same; it is this way because I brought the star world with me when I came down. As you look to the stars to chart the way for your canoe, I do the same for those who have forgotten their story. I take blind men down to the ocean deep to help them gain sight. I help poor men to find treasure and I help those who are lost find faith.”

“Good are your words on my heart,” said Kwansila. “My family and I have been treated well. You are indeed a friend. When the leaves drop from the trees, come to my village and we shall share food.”



It leaves me Honouring the Chief and Sister who Still Lives and “Rises in Me”….one who in a Celestial Pow Wow, reveals her Loon Identity as Star Feathers…….and Delphinus ~ Orcus Connection of Starry Flows.

Orcus in Summary

Although the astrology of Orcus is just starting to be explored, from the stellar alignments at the time of its discovery on Feb 19, 2004 in late sidereal Cancer, and its path deep through Hydra and passing under the auspices of the Head of the Lion, we can see that Orcus is working with the theme of exploration, of uncovering a blueprint or map that leads to a new picture, a new reality; to emerge from the belief structures and constructs of mind that are merely based upon the convenience of our collective consensus. In doing so, Orcus forces us to confront the fear and loneliness encountered when leaving the apparent safety of mass consensus and choose to live the path of soul. Orcus may be helping us to uncover secret paths obscured by the sands of time, perhaps even oaths we made long ago to enter into the depths of unexplored territory, into deeper realms of consciousness to discover the oaths of our souls.

Orcus, although Pluto like, expresses a quiet profundity, almost unnoticed as it serves us to get in touch with our deeper soul essence and purpose. Whereas Pluto dramatically forces us into the underworld of consciousness to explore and confront our deepest fears cloaking our souls, Orcus impels an authentic, emotionally detached, observant and passionless pursuit to do, such as through mediation, lucid dreaming and other spiritual or occult practices, to bring to awareness our soul-level agreements, what we are really doing here on Earth—the oaths of our souls. Orcus imparts a tremendous strength and endurance to live true to those oaths and to apply our personal will from this awareness to contribute to the greater well being of human society.

We will gain more insight into the astrological role of Orcus as the astrology of Orcus plays out over the years ahead.


Loon’s STAR Family  Island of the Delphinus Star Constellation has TWO Orca Rubbing BEACHES….Synthezing the Greek, Roman Cree and Anishinabe on the Island Border of the Western Sea meeting the EASTERN LANDSCAPE.



Loon….as in the Canadian “Loonie’s”



of Angelic Transmissions, and Divine Purpose.



Lenten Prayer

Spirit of the Living ONE,

Fill this Heart Soul full of Loving Light….

Waters of this Embodiment….I Love you.  I’m sorry. Please forgive me.  Thank you.

Wisdom…illuminate our BODIES’ Waters with YOUR DIVINE PURITY….

Cleanse our Instruments

from the Inside out with the Tenderness of a Broken Heart,

that KNOWS the Healing CORE of the AGNI  PRESENCE.


GRATITUDE, BLESSES The Bread and Wine of Life…

the Fire of Electricity and the Body’s Metabolism OFFERED with a HISTORY of THANKSGIVING FOR THE SALVATION OF THE ONE WORLD SOUL.

The Ophiuchus that dwells within as the Cosmic Christ’s Kundalini Healer,

Set your Sacred Pisces foot upon the Scorpion Death Sting and Root of Life

of our Physical Embodiment..

Placing the second upon our Ice Stone Hearts…

And Chelate The Medicine Wheels of Life

by Spinning  Rainbows of Full Spectrum Light

Ascending in Serpents upon our Spinal Rod

Luminescent LOVELight

and Wise and Beneficent Agni Emanations.



…that Amitra may Rise

Full Strength

in the Centre of a Hara Column

between the Base and Crown of Lotus Light.


Om Tara Tutare Ture Soho


Open Heart

Answer: To have the heart centre open is to feel bonded with all others and one with life.

It is to know joy and peace and to understand that love is knowing the fit of self with other – other people and life as a whole.

To have the heart centre open is to have no enemy, not within self nor without. The shades of self-doubt and fear of other are banished.

To have the heart centre open is to love every day and every heartbeat. It is to know the point of it all, apart from concepts and theories. This knowingness is connected to the sense of the fit of self with other.

To have the heart centre open is to love the Earth and everything that moves and takes its place upon it. Spiritual discipline consists in applying this knowingness to benefit all kingdoms in nature.

Will that do as a start?

Through the opened heart centre the nobility of man and, indeed, the very point of him is revealed. Every opened heart is a sunrise for our Logos, a new day in creation.

Who has known the power of the human heart can never be cynical, nor fear himself. Thus he can be himself.

With love to my brother.


Summer Solstice 2006

Welcoming SHABBAT as Paradise in the COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS “Body” of G~D

images-8 Preparation for a


filling the VIRGO ~ LIONHEARTED CHALICE SOUL. Aquarius-1

Stars 1. Sa’ad al Melik – the record of the outpouring

2. Sa’ad al Sund – who goes and returns, the pourer out

3. Scheat – who goes and returns

4. Mon – an urn Decans (associated constellations)

1. Piscis Australis – the southern fish

2. Pegasus – the winged horse

3. Cygnus – the swan, mighty bird Israel Tribe Association – Reuben, his jewel was Nophek, the pouring forth, of water and light Stone: sardius, the power issuing forth

Joel 2:28-29 – And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions. Even on the male and female servants in those days I will pour out my Spirit. (ESV)

Isaiah 44:3 – For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.

(ESV) John 7:37-38 – On the last day of the feast, the great day, Jesus stood up and cried, If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. (ESV)

Aquarius is a symbol of a man pouring water out of an urn. If you have read my article on The Second Coming, you know that God’s Kingdom will be poured out in three phases: Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles. Joel says that the Holy Spirit will eventually reach all of mankind, giving people spiritual gifts as I discussed in Baptism. In John, Jesus says that whoever believes in Him will have spiritual water flowing out of his or her heart.

Water Drawing Ceremony: I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.

Jewish Water Drawing Ceremony of Joy

“On the night of the first day of the Feast of Tabernacles the outer court of the Temple was brilliantly illuminated with four golden lamps, each containing 120 logs of oil, in which were burning the old girdles and garments of the priests (Shab. 21a; Yoma 23a). These lamps were placed on high pedestals which were reached by ladders; and special galleries were erected in the court for the accommodation of women, while the men below held torches in their hands, sang hymns, and danced.On the fifteen steps of the Gate of Nicanor stood the Levites, chanting the fifteen “songs of degrees” (Ps. cxx.-cxxxiv.) to the accompaniment of their instruments, of which the most important was the “ḥalil,” or flute, although it was used neither on the Sabbath nor on the first day of the feast (Suk. v. 1). The illumination, which was like a sea of fire, lit up every nook and corner of Jerusalem, and was so bright that in any part of the city a woman could pick wheat from the chaff. Whosoever did not see this celebration never saw a real one (Suk. 53a). Hillel the Elder encouraged general rejoicing and participated in the celebration that all might follow his example, while R. Simeon b. Gamaliel juggled with eight torches, throwing them in the air and catching them again, thus showing his joy at the feast. R. Joshua b. Hananiah states that the festival was celebrated throughout the night with songs, music, shouting, clapping of hands, jumping, and dancing.”                                                  The Woman with the Aquarian Pot                                                                                                    Ludger Philips, World Teacher Trust, Circle of Good Will

Christ Consciousness is our Divine Birthright as Sons and Daughters of God. It manifests as a yellow-gold Ray of Light that pulsates with the Divine Qualities of Enlightenment, Wisdom, Illumination, and Understanding. Once our Crown Chakra was open to full breadth and we began to receive the flow of Christ Consciousness, that Ray of Light was anchored in the Divinity of our Heart as a beautiful yellow-gold plume of Sacred Fire.

Christ Consciousness is the awakened state of awareness that our Father-Mother God invested us with in the beginning, and intended for us to utilize and maintain during all of our Earthly sojourns. This is the awakened level of awareness our God Parents intended for us to have when we were choosing how to use our Free Will, our Gift of Life, and our creative faculties of thought and feeling. The original Divine Plan was for the Sons and Daughters of God to remain in the elevated state of Christ Consciousness as we learned to become co-creators with our Father-Mother God. The goal was for us to use our Lifeforce to co-create previously unknown patterns of Divine Love, Peace, Harmony, Balance, Abundance, Happiness, and Abounding Joy as we expanded the borders of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth with every thought, feeling, word, or action we expressed.

Over time, the negative results of our thoughts and feelings caused us to descend into such painful and discordant frequencies of vibration that we could no longer hear the inner guidance from our I AM Presence or the Heavenly Realms. We became frightened and thought that maybe we could eliminate our pain by closing our Heart Chakra and blocking our ability to feel. Our Heart Chakra is the portal through which the Love of our Mother God enters the physical plane. Once we chose to close our Heart Chakra, which blocked the flow of our Mother God’s Love, she was forced to withdraw.

The infinitesimal amount of Divine Love our Mother God was able to project through our right-brain hemisphere after we closed our Heart Chakra, was barely enough to sustain brain consciousness. This caused our right brain to become almost dormant. When that occurred, the Blue Flame of Power from our Father God and the Pink Flame of Love from our Mother God no longer merged into the perfectly balanced Violet Flame of God’s Infinite Perfection. Listen to your Heart and ask your I AM Presence and the Company of Heaven what you can do to take full advantage of this Cosmic Opportunity to Return to Christ Consciousness. Living the Path of Divine Love and Reverence for ALL Life will change your life in profound and wondrous ways. Regardless of how far you may feel you are from attaining Christ Consciousness through your I AM Presence and the assistance of the Company of Heaven your transformation could be a Breath away.

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization



God experiences brokenness and separation, because we, God’s creation, experience brokenness and separation. But on Shabbat, we create wholeness in ourselves — and in so doing, we create wholeness inside God. Another way to frame it is through kabbalistic language: when we observe Shabbat, we enable God’s transcendence (distant, far-off, high-up, infinite, inconceivable) and God’s immanence (embodied, here with us, as near as the beating of our own hearts, relational, accessible) to unite. And that is why when we experience Shabbat — celebrate Shabbat, “make” Shabbat, enter into Shabbat — we open a spigot of blessing to irrigate the thirsty world. Every blessing has the capacity to turn such a spigot, and Shabbat is the blessing of all blessings. Think of all of the sorrow, the distance, the brokenness, the spiritual and emotional thirst in the world. And then recognize that when we open ourselves to Shabbat, and allow Shabbat to work in and through us, we can become channels for the irrigation which would soothe that thirst. It is the active participation of our hearts and souls, experiencing the mitzvah of Shabbat, which unite God far above and God deep within. When that happens, blessing flows.


Velveteen Rabbi


Solar Angel Dawning, in Pisces Waters and Aquarian Light….

Golden Buddha seems to emmanate a Golden SouL

As Golden Soular Prana Angels Dance


Diamond Crystal Solar Dakhini’s in Cosmic Waters

and Etheric “S P A C E”.

Soul Angel Waxes in Golden Light with Divine Circulitory Flow…..

as Venus Retrograde moves into Scorpio Depths

of Leo’s Divine Rights,

to Bring the Light, Love and Power,

of the Compassionate Dragon’s Heart

and Winnowing Basket

to the Master Healer’s Feet




Sharing the RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with Wealth for Welfare of the WHOLE EARTH


may be updated  in terms of what emerges in my own life as a holograph of the ONE.

UN meditations with Money for the Welfare of the whole Earth, in the hands of Forces of Loving Wisdom.


Stage I.

After achieving a positive and intended personality quietness formulate clearly to yourself and in your own words, answers to the following questions:

1. If money is one of the most important things needed today for spiritual work, what is the factor which is at present deflecting it away from the work of Universal Consciousness of GoodWill?

The Attraction of Power Over another in creating a Kingdom geared to one “group” or Person’s vision without respect or gratitude for the Living resources/Sentient beings “employed” to make it so.

2. What is my personal attitude towards money?

Do I regard it as a great and possible spiritual asset, or do I think of it in material terms?

i experience money as a GREAT SPIRITUAL ASSET in the REALM of Material Life.  To live upon this earth with integrity, as a full functioning human being, spiritual development is a lot “easier” when persons have enough money to create a life that one can Thrive in….therefore, even “personal Materialism”…money to pay for shelter, a good bed, shoes, clothing, FOOD, medicine, education…when DEDICATED in a Tonglen Practice to BRINGING IN THE SAME FOR ALL through sharing what we do have with one another…..”Use what seems like poison as medicine. Use your personal suffering as the path to compassion for all beings. “ (2)


3. What is my personal responsibility in regard to money which passes through my hands?

Am I handling it as a disciple of the Masters should handle it?


Stage II. 1. Ponder on the redemption of humanity through the right use of money. Visualize the money in the world today as:

a. Concretized energy, at present largely used for purely material purposes and for the satisfaction (where the individual is concerned) of purely personal desires.

b. Visualize money as a great stream of flowing golden substance, passing out of the control of the Forces of Materialism into the control of the Forces of Light.

2. Then say the following invocative prayer, with focussed mental concentration and a heartfelt desire to meet spiritual needs:

“O Thou in Whom we live and move and have our being, the Power that can make all things new, turn to spiritual purposes the money in the world; touch the hearts of men everywhere so that they may give to the work of the Hierarchy that which has hitherto been given to material satisfaction. The New Group of World Servers needs money in large quantities. I ask that the needed vast sums may be made available. May this potent energy of Thine be in the hands of the Forces of Light.”

3. Then visualize the work to be done by those groups which claim your present allegiance, or any other groups which you know are attempting to carry out the Hierarchical Plan. Then, through the creative imagination and by an act of the will, see untold and unlimited sums of money pouring into the hands of those who seek to do the Masters’ work.

4. Then say aloud, with conviction and emphasis: “He for Whom the whole world waits has said that whatsoever shall be asked in His Name and with faith in the response will see it accomplished.” Remember at the same time that “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.”

Then add: “I Ask for the needed money for . . . . . . . and can demand it because . . . . . . . .

“From the Center which we call Humanity Let the Plan of Love and Light work out. And may it seal the door where evil dwells.”

5. Close with a careful consideration of your own responsibility to the Plan. Each week plan your financial cooperation with the Hierarchy. Be practical and realistic and know that if you do not give, you may not ask, for you have no right to evoke that which you do not share.

(1) ( some English words used in Material ~ Spiritual Discussions have a tendency to give birth to twisted manifestations…rather than “Heirarchy” i choose to use “Universal Consciousness of GoodWill”;  “race of men” = Humanity