Preparing for the Jewel of the Lotus….

















Post Libra Sun with Fiery Aries full Moon

There is a profound alignment,

dancing into place….

carriers of Parachute Strings and Rainbow ribbons

finding “right” Connection….

that will set our Golden Balloon Soul afloat…

The Rising of the Tent of Presence….the home of the Shekinah of the Earth,

Shiva’s Burning Disk in the Spenta Armaiti’s Solar Fire

…..The Incarnation of a Planetary World Mother…


Brigit’s flame of Trinity Three….Mother, Maiden, Crone….ONE FLAME

Surrender Vulcan’s Bellows to the Divine Pulse and One shared Rhythm of Breath

Shared with the Plant Kingdom and the Verdatis Ray of the Elohim….

Bright Arrow, in a sagittarian bow, Aimed through Saturn the Gate Keeper’s Station at the Galactic Heart Centre….

Anchored with Shiva and Neptune’s Triton of Power and Transformation

and the Karmic Virgo Door of Spiritual Evolution in Cosmic FORM…

The Cosmic Harp and Heart, the Earth.

Release the obligations of atonement, with the Ancestral Cloud of Witnesses,

WHO Claim responsibility for their own Hearts and Souls….

even as we “see” and acknowledge their pain and choices through the Eyes of a loving Heart and Witness Soul.

Anatares incarnate….the Compassionate Dragon Cosmic Heart and Kalachakra upward flow….

Awaken the Compassion for all Sentience, and find the Homeostasis for the Whole.











Wesak Pentecostal Style….


Shaking Tent
Shaking Tent rite was widespread among the OJIBWA, INNU (MONTAGNAIS-NASKAPI), CREE, Penobscot and ABENAKI and involved the shamanistic use of a special cylindrical lodge or tent. A SHAMAN, paid by a client, would construct his or her tent and enter it at dark.

Shaking Tent
Shaking Tent rite was widespread among the OJIBWA, INNU (MONTAGNAIS-NASKAPI), CREE, Penobscot and ABENAKI and involved the shamanistic use of a special cylindrical lodge or tent. A SHAMAN, paid by a client, would construct his or her tent and enter it at dark. Singing and drumming summoned the shaman’s spirit helpers, whose arrival was signified by animal cries and the shaking tent. These spirit helpers were used in curing and also in antisorcery.
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The law of synchronicity the law of the shaking tent.

There is no such a thing as coincidence. Therefore there is no coincidence in the event of the 5 shaking tents that happen in the Migmaw community of Big Cove few years ago. When two things or more happen at the same time it is know as synchronocity. The event of the 5 shaking tents happened under the law of synchronicity with a purpose, a plan , a raison for this event to happen. Synchronocity or synchronostic phenomena are attributed to the nature and composition of archetypes that are psychological and physical and are of the two hemispheres of the brain. Everthing in the universe works in pairs or in opposites for a reaction or action to happen or life reproduction to take place. Positive and negative energy are part of this process.

When we can view our reality in a four dimensional way like a hologram we can see that everthing that now seems to unfold before us with the passing of time already exist on the fabric of space time continuum like when looking at a hologram .When you view a hologram you do not look at it you look into it. We can see in the past present and future with one glance . This is the answer provided by the energetic archetype on the wampum belts that we can use as a cerebral microship to help to program the doing of the shaking tent ceremony .

In today teaching we explore only the left side of the brain who is logic, reading, writing , time orientation masculine expression . We blocked the right side of the brain who is dominant in instinct, wholism , dance , art, spatiality and femenine expression. No wonder our Aboriginal communities are so unbalance and must live in total cultural and spiritual contradiction of wholistic thinking use in traditional ceremonies like the shaking tent .

When we use the pipe, the tobacco placed in the pipe represent the green things , the four legged , the winged ones and all the things in the water, you ask all these things to come into the pipe . You offer the pipe to the four directions up to the mystery spirits of the universe and down to mother earth t ground the ceremony. When you smoke the pipe you’re asking all these things to come into you and to be one with you . That is wholistic thinking.

When it comes to the shaking tent ceremony, it is nothing more that an aid to help the shaker make contact with the other side also called the collective unconscious.

The shaking tent is the most sacred of the ceremonies, a secret rite who need the use of traditional technology the oracle the highest level of universal scientific knowledge known and practice by certain Aboriginal people of the Americas. But Who are these Aboriginal people and how can we recognize them and ask them to permon these ceremonies ?

The shaking tent ceremony is not a mystery but it is the least know of the major mysteries of the world . Due to the influence of western religious beliefs and institutionalised religions adopted and practiced in Aboriginal Communites, it is the least appreciated , despite the fact that the shaking tent ceremony rank among the most dramatic of the distinctive cultural possessions of the Wabanaki Algonkain speaking people of North America.

Its performances have been observed by native and non native people. We have eye witness accounts and detailed descriptions of the rite’s enactment recorded in the words of observers, natives and non natives alike since the 17th century. You can find all these written accounts in a book called the THE MYSTERY OF THE SHAKING TENT BY COLOMBO. The information recollected in this book speak for the tent . … ngTent.htm

The historical record attest to the variety and vitality of the rite as a a form of cultural phenomenon. In conjunction of the 400 aniversary of the foundation of the city of Québec , the first account of a performance of the rite in North America appeared in the journal of the french explorer Samuel de Champlain for the year 1609 . Champlain witnessed the ceremony stage by the Algonkins on the north shore of the St-Lawrence River .

The Jesuit missionnaries saw the rite as the survival of paganism, a form of devil worship. I think it is still see that way by our onw poeple so Christianized today in First Nation communities. It is bracing to realize that despite their unequivocal denunciation of the practice, the ceremony continued to be performed in their time as it continues to be performed in ours and still with great difficulties. Later commentators were less scholastic about divine nature and more schooled in human nature than the Jesuits . They would condemn the operators of the shaking tent and derisively dismiss them as so many magicians and conjurers as they conflict with christian practices . Unfortunaltly the tent is perceived through the transmutation of Christian practice into the perception and definition of spirituality among so called Aborigional traditionalist .

The rite of the Shaking tent could be described in contemporary words as being a sacred theatre but performed only in one act composed of 13 scenes of a well-ordered production. All native ceremonies are composed of 13 scenes of well ordered production and they must be respected to make contact . They are connected to the 13 moon cycles of the 360 degrees circular energetic vortex in order to cross dimension .

The Commission of the Shaking Tent
The Erection of the Tent
The calling of the Spirits
The Isolation of the Shaker
The Activation of the Tent
The Appearance of the Lights
The Productions of the Sounds
The Heairing of the Voices
The Answering of the Questions
The shaking of the Tent
The Departure of the Spirits
The Unfettering of the Shaker
The Dismanteling of the Tent

In the years to come it is possible that mankind will seee native spirituality and traditional ways of life as being little more than survivals of primitive thinking as renmants of the past . Yet it is more likely that these alternative way of being of intuiting thinking feeling and sensing will be valued as we would value a time machine . Throught time travel we learn about the past to be sure but also about mankind in general .

And if we learn about mankind in general we acquire knowledge about ourselves in the present and in the future. In doing so we disturb the rest of the dead . By probing our ancestors we prod our descendants . The lates 20th centuries reveal and know and recognise many similarities between the universal science of the the wampum belt microchips and the computer microchips. Both are part of the knowledge of the binary system and energy grid to make contact with other universal beings.

Why do we do certain things or beleive certains stories ? There must be a reason behind our traditional beliefs . Estern Canada is full of sacred sites and mounds that were once activated pyramidal ceremonial sites .The pleiades follow the same path through the sky as our sun . The pleiades is part of a larger constellation called Taurus the Bull and can be found in the shoulder hump of the Bull . They are also the head of the sacred white buffalo located in the stars . The stars of this sacred buffalo are related to cermonial sites located on the earth and in our case in Eastern Canada. Yes in Wabanki territory.

Well from time to time Aboriginal people made the modest claim that he had the knowledge and power to shake a tent . This 5 shaking tents event was part of this responsablity to make sure the tent will continue to shake in the future and in Aboriginal communities to help find and recognise the connection of our ancestral knowledge and practice them orderly in the ceremonies. So why are we still running like chicken without a head when it come to our own ceremonies, not respecting the 13 scenes of production ? BLA BLA BLA ……..

This is what the five shakers attempted in Bic Cove to demonstrate with the 5 shaking tents ceremony in respect of all beings and force of the universe used for healing and teaching the people who did participated in this week long event and attended the 5 shaking tents ceremony that did happen at the end of that week in the starry night . Some mistake were made , some correction will be brought next time if ever it happen again .

Shaking tent rules cannot be broken as the shaker can pay the price of his life. Some did and others almost did . This also can happen with any other ceremonies. The next time the area must be protected by a perimeter of security to avoid stamped of participants to happen an for spirits to reach openly the tents in full view of the participants according to ancestral practice and ancestral instruction for a well ordered production .

For the one who wants or who are doing all kind of ceremonies or the one who participate in them, it is time to address this issues as we have reached a level of where we can no longer brake the rules of order and the law of synchronocity to make contact . .

The Great Winter Hexagon

After locating and becoming familiar with the Winter Triangle composed of Betelegeuse, Sirius and Procyon, we’re now ready to discover the Great Winter Hexagon, another divine design in the winter skies.

This heavenly hexagon houses the Winter Triangle with the stars Sirius and Procyon forming points in both of these geometric wonders. The six stars of the Great Winter Hexagon are seen in the map below: Sirius, Rigel, Aldebaran, Capella, Pollux and Procyon.

Image: Voyager II Carina Software and Adobe Photoshop

top-north, bottom-south, left-east, right-west

* Printable Image *

Note: All the stars of the Great Winter Hexagon and the Winter Triangle are included in the list of the 25 brightest stars.

Locating the Great Winter Hexagon
Begin your star search on a clear winter night between
8:00pm and 10:00pm, look from overhead toward the south.

Use the map above and find the hourglass shaped constellation of Orion. Follow the three evenly spaced stars of Orion’s belt southeast (down and to the left) and you will find they point to the brightest star in the heavens, Sirius, the first star in our hexagon. Sirius is also one point of the Winter Triangle.

Go back to Orion’s Belt, if you draw your focus out from the middle star of Orion’s Belt you will find that it points to Orion’s bright red shoulder star, Betelgeuse, in one direction and to a bluish star, Rigel, in the other direction. Find the bluish star, which is the left leg of Orion and imagine a line connecting Sirius to it.

Once again follow the three stars in Orion’s belt in the direction opposite of Sirius and you will find the reddish eye star of Taurus the Bull, Aldebaran. Draw a line from Rigel to Aldebaran.

Now head for the next closest brightest star Capella. It is located in the constellation Auriga directly opposite Sirius in our hexagon. As you connect Aldebaran and Capella the hexagon is now half imagined!

Just east of Sirius is the brightest star of Canis Minor, Procyon, which also forms a point of the Winter Triangle. Between Procyon and Capella is another bright star Pollux of Gemini the Twins. Connect Sirius to Procyon to Pollux to Capella and the Great Winter Hexagon is complete in your mind’s eye!


Indigenous peoples’ knowledge of astronomy, which assisted in telling time, direction, and weather, was vital to survival. Below is a list of the names of some of the planets, stars, and constellations according to the Cree and Anishinabe people of Manitoba, Canada. These two distinct peoples share a long history as they have lived near one another for centuries and share territory, particularly in Ontario, Canada.

Amisk Achak (Cree), or Amik Anung (Anishinabe), is translated into English as the Beaver stars. This constellation is called Gemini on star charts.;jsessionid=CE482EA1012088AE7FA21470EE00B758?method=preview&lang=EN&id=5719


The Eve of May CALL and the Ludger Philips vision of Ascending Light

The Month of Gemini
Astrologically the May Call is in the month of Gemini. Since aeons of times the Masters of Wisdom have initiated groups of people into higher states of awareness in Gemini. Gemini stands for humanity and for the upliftment from the lower centres.

The Master chose Gemini for the initiation into the Aquarian energy through Akasha, the element of space, with the help of sound.

Fulfilment – Distribution of Fullness
He distributed the energies with the basic idea of giving fulfilment to humanity. He likes the word “fulfil” very much and said, “There is a Fill after the Full”, for then it overflows. Fulfilment is the key note of his Yoga and of the May Call.

He led a life of splendour and distributed 16 courses food daily. He was born in a rich family, sold many houses and distributed the money in form of food and clothing. He said, “Those who distribute are closer to Me.”

Three Simple Rules
He also gave 3 simple rules which we should follow; then he will take care of everything in our lives, in the life mundane and also in the life divine.

The first rule is to regularly invoke the mantra “Namaskarams Master; Namaskarams Master CVV” in the morning and evening, with an interval of 12 hours, if possible at 6 o’clock am and pm. We feel the Master either in the heart centre or in the brow centre. Afterwards we should observe the movements of the vital force in the body or the thoughts for about 15 minutes. If we receive instructions during prayer, we should note them down and follow.
The second rule is to lead a life of offering and to think more of the needs of the others than of one’s own.
And the third rule is to see in all the manifestation of the First Energy: “See ME in all” – no matter if we experience pleasant or unpleasant things. We should live in simplicity but enjoy the comforts of life.
The Master promised, “When you follow the regulations, you become Me within a period of 12 years”. Everywhere in the world, where people seriously work with these principles they notice profound changes in their lives.

Anchoring in the Ether
The Master worked for 11 years, 11 months and 11 days with this Yoga and he consciously departed. He had previously announced his departure. The followers did not believe because they saw him coming back 18 times after leaving the body.

The Master had perfected his etheric body and anchored it in the ether of the planet for thousands of years. He now resides in the etheric plane of and helps the people. He created a prana reservoir which he called “Plenty of Prana”. Those who invoke the sounds “C.V.V.” will call into themselves this reservoir of prana to purify the mental and emotional vehicles and to heal diseases. It is an electrical and penetrative group work happening in silence but the Master said that he functions directly with every student who invokes him. His method is without any detours.

The Mediums
However, he also has channels to transmit the Energy, his mediums. They multiply the transmission of the Energy of the Master. These mediums also receive precious scientific information to establish missing links of the present sciences and to uplift the consciousness of the people for the universal brotherhood.

There is an instruction of Master CVV not to speak and explain too much about Him but to live in Him; and thus He lives in us.



Dormition of the Theotokos


“O marvelous wonder! The Fount of Life is placed in the grave, and the grave doth become the ladder to Heaven…” Here at the grave of the All-Pure Virgin, these words strike deep with their original sense and grief is dispelled by joy: “Hail, Full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee, granting the world, through Thee, great mercy!”

According to Orthodox Tradition, Mary died like all humanity, “falling asleep,” so to speak, as the name of the feast indicates. She died as all people die, not “voluntarily” as her Son, but by the necessity of her mortal human nature which is indivisibly bound up with the corruption of this world. The feast was added to the Roman calendar in the seventh century as the Dormitio. In the eighth century, the title was changed to the Assumptio (Assumption).
The Apostles were miraculously summoned to this event, and all were present except Thomas when Mary passed from this life. She was then buried.
Thomas arrived a few days later, and desiring to see her one more time, convinced the others to open her tomb. Upon doing so, the Apostles discovered that her body was no longer present. This event is seen as a firstfruits of the resurrection of the faithful that will occur at the Second Coming of Christ. The event is normally called the Dormition, though there are many Orthodox parishes in English-speaking countries with the name Assumption. In Greek, Dormition is Koimisis—falling asleep in death—from which the word cemetery derives.


“On August 15, the Dormition of the Mother of God is celebrated by most Christians in the world. The Church year begins on September 1, and the first Great Feast of the year is the Nativity of the Theotokos, making the Dormition of the Theotokos the last great feast of the year. It is entirely fitting that these two feasts – celebrating the birth and falling-asleep of Mary respectively – should buttress the entire church calendar. The Church calendar tells us the story of our Salvation in the traditional way, with the climax of the story coming in the middle, which is when Easter is celebrated, before ending in a way which is somewhat symmetrical and complimentary to the beginning. Therefore, the final “scene” in our story of Salvation is the Dormition of Mary, the Mother of God.”…

“…as we look to Mary’s life for an example, we look to her bodily death – in this Icon – for hope as to where such an example leads us. The hope is in the bodily Resurrection and the life of the age to come. Both are shown in the Icon: the bodily assumption of Mary into Heaven, as well as the commendation of her soul into the hands of Jesus Christ.

Like those who gathered around the body of the Virgin Mary, we gather around our departed loved ones and commend their souls into the hands of Christ. As we remember those who have reposed in the faith before us and have passed on into the communion of the Saints, we prepare ourselves to one day be received into the new life of the age to come.”

“Constellation Coma Berenices, Berenices Hair, of the Mother and Child, sits north of Virgo constellation, between Bootes and constellation Ursa Major. This small constellations contains three named stars, and spans 20 degrees opf the zodiac in the signs Virgo and Libra.”…

“The first constellation in VIRGO explains that this coming “Branch” will be a child, and that He should be the “Desire of all nations.” The ancient name of this constellation is Comah, the desired, or the longed for. We have the word used by the Holy Spirit in this very connection, in Haggai 2:7–“The DESIRE of all nations shall come.”

The ancient Zodiacs pictured this constellation as a woman with a child in her arms. ALBUMAZAR (or ABU MASHER), an Arabian astronomer of the eighth century, says, “There arises in the first Decan, as the Persians, Chaldeans, and Egyptians, and the two HERMES and ASCALIUS teach, a young woman whose Persian name denotes a pure virgin, sitting on a throne, nourishing an infant boy (the boy, I say), having a Hebrew name, by some nations called IHESU, with the signification IEZA, which in Greek is called CHRISTOS.”

Coma Constellation Stars

The constellation Virgo the Maiden fully returns to sky at nightfall – with her feet planted on the eastern horizon – by late April or early May.

Virgo? Here’s your constellation

Venus Morning Star

Question: What does “an open heart centre” mean?

Looking with keen eyes around me and every day of my life, I can’t help asking in my mind: What does “an open heart centre” mean?

it is said that there are lots of people of goodwill, that there are also people demonstrating the Will-to-Good. Has it got something to do with WILL?

It isn’t quite clear yet what sort of human beings the New Earth will keep to itself!



Answer: To have the heart centre open is to feel bonded with all others and one with life.

It is to know joy and peace and to understand that love is knowing the fit of self with other – other people and life as a whole.

To have the heart centre open is to have no enemy, not within self nor without. The shades of self-doubt and fear of other are banished.

To have the heart centre open is to love every day and every heartbeat. It is to know the point of it all, apart from concepts and theories. This knowingness is connected to the sense of the fit of self with other.

To have the heart centre open is to love the Earth and everything that moves and takes its place upon it. Spiritual discipline consists in applying this knowingness to benefit all kingdoms in nature.

Will that do as a start?

Through the opened heart centre the nobility of man and, indeed, the very point of him is revealed. Every opened heart is a sunrise for our Logos, a new day in creation.

Who has known the power of the human heart can never be cynical, nor fear himself. Thus he can be himself.

With love to my brother.


Summer Solstice



Sinking….to Death…..†moon-phases-2016†/


… To Spread The Cement Of Brotherly Love And Affection, That Cement Which Unites Us Into One Sacred Band Or Society Of Brothers, Among Whom No Contention Should Ever Exist, But That Noble Emulation Of Who Can Best Work Or Best Agree …

My adopted father was from a family of Hydro Electric vocation men and masons.

More and more i get in touch with how my Father’s prayers and his participation in Masonic ritual as helped me build my own Path with the Grace of the Spirit, and the Foundational Wisdom of those who have gone before us…..

……mostly what i was aware of growing up was the Electric Bolts of Anger and Rage directed at  my person, when i did not live up to some Standard that i didn’t know or that did not sit in my own place of “truth”…..

That line about Brotherhood and “among whom contention should never exist” is a real denial trap…..

should is one of those dark words that i have worked very hard to remove from my speech, because it always takes me out of where I am at, and beating myself up because i ‘m not somewhere else “higher up” on the path of Evolution of Human Spirit……


(1) heated disagreement.
“the captured territory was one of the main areas of contention between the two countries”

synonyms: disagreement, dispute, disputation, argument, discord, conflict, friction, strife, dissension, disharmony
“a point of contention”

(2) an assertion, especially one maintained in argument.
“statistics bear out his contention that many runners are undertrained for this event”
synonyms: argument, claim, plea, submission, allegation, assertion, declaration; 


Okay….masons have a lot of honouring the Jesus path….did they miss the amount of Contention that Jesus’s Presence and Message evoked in those around him??

….Contention that manifested in his Beloved Disciples/FRIENDS and his Family as well as the Patriarchal Religious and Political Leaders of the day, challenged by the radical inclusiveness of LOVE rather than MERIT…..

In my parish experience, passionate feelings around Sacred Values were often triggered in Church meetings….and i’ve learned that at organizational levels, when there are Differences of Opinion or Perspective, the Spirit is trying to get us to ANTICIPATE a NEW WAY….not either/ or or Compromise….

Compromise……another word who’s wisdom has too often meant the parties involved :”accept standards that are lower than is desirable”….rather than seeking what Truths both parties can live with Happily  and thus with FULL ACCORD.

These words Challenge my Reality right now as i move through some Lenten GOING TO THE SHADOWY MEMORIES THAT SURFACE IN FASTING AND PENITENCE…….

Impressions impacted on a Cellular layer, that are still vibrating through my Physicality as well as Em0tional Heart memory, offering the opportunity to “Go THERE” to the void centre of the heart to uproot that which has been deeply embedded in my Body Consciousness……

I am healing with PTSD….and to be honest, i keep hoping this Spiritual Journey will provide me instantaneous deliverance from being TRIGGERED by those i am closest to and who have given me what has been required to live on this earth….wood for a wood stove and only source of winter heat….food and medicine when i haven’t had enough money to purchase my own….and that has been frequently.


Funny thing…..sorting piled papers to ‘get at’ income tax information…..

Come across the envelope an Artist friend sent me about her painting of The Loon Totem.  She had drawn  a loon floating Serenely on the front of envelope….and the STAMP…TITANIC 1912 – 2012

Year we were 60… some women’s circles i’ve heard that as the CRONE initiation year………

Year of the DRAGON…..

In the Realm of Spirit there is no Male or Female…..

In the Realm of HUMANITY….there are Specific PHYSICAL DNA GIFTS OF DIVINITY, that are important to the scheme of life upon this planet….

The City of Zion of St. John the Divine’s Revelations as THE EARTH GUARDIAN BRIDE……..

G~D longs to fully Dwell AMONG HUMANITY with the Crystal River, the redeemed BLOODY stained Martyrs, the Keys to Heaven and Hell, and the Tree with Leaves for the Healing of the Nations…….

What i have been learning is that the Greatest Compassion Western Civilization can give to the Sacred Feminine, is to embrace the reality that being FULLY human means that the Physiological DNA is the ground of LIVING WORD MADE FLESH within our ownselves……how the WORD TAKES FLESH in different embodiments is itself a Form of Spiritual YIN YANG nurture for the whole cosmic neural network……

Women’s BODY with the “physiological equipment” to HOUSE EVOLUTION of a zygote to CHILD requires a DIFFERENT WISDOM than the men’s Embodied Wisdom…

My athletic colonial mom, was the most YANG person in my life….and part of my own recovery has been to learn what being a YIN ~ WOMAN means…MAKING PEACE WITH WHAT HAS BEEN DESPISED AND TAUGHT THAT NEEDS TO BE “TRANSCENDED”rather than Honoured into Harmony….

then i remember this posting i made quite awhile ago……
Reflections On Scorpio’s Venus’ Rising

Submitted by Davita Lynne on Thu, 06/11/2015 – 16:57
It was a couple of years ago…beginning with the Solar Libra season, and the New Libra Moon…Venus was rising in Scorpio.

During this time i had a series of unwelcome sexual “overtures” and a bullying energy that occurred.

I love you. I’m Sorry. Please Forgive me. Thank you.

Invocating to Great Spirit to what in me was “inviting” these “apparent” “hits”.

i found myself in front of the Kabbalah Tree of Life…

….i know nothing of proper Kabbalah science and the mystic scriptures and commentaries for the TREE easily confound me…thus when invited to this kind of “interactive” symbol, i ask for it’s wisdom for the Abstract Challenged……

In this case i found myself looking at the Sefirots Gevurah and Chesed

that “appeared to me” like the Guardians of the Heart….

Looking at the Tree of Life

it “appeared” that


“Severeity”, “Contraction”, “Awe”,

was on the “Feminine” Left.

On the “Masculine” Right

was Chesed (Hesed),

“Compassion”, “Abundance”, “Grace”, “Love”.

Tiferet….which i understood as the Heart Chakra


Harmony, Mercy, Truth, “Beauty”

in the CENTRE.

There seemed “conflict” in the Masculine ~ Feminine “designations”…

as tho’ with Mars/Masculine “should be” Severeity,

The Divine Feminine as Venus, “should be” Compassion.

An illumination came, when i happened upon a video speaking of Genesis 1 and 2 as manifestations of these Sefirot and stories of Adam’s two wives. This was not included in my Biblical studies courses back in a “reformation” “protestant” seminary”.

Apparently, Genesis 1, Gevurah is associated with Adam’s First Wife, Lillith . She liked to take turns with Adam to be on Top…in all ways.

Adam wasn’t interested in a wife of independent spirit and he wanted a Companion in servitude to his VISION of creation’s care….not surprisingly conflict became a way of life for them.

Lillith, being the initiating kind of being she was, went into Sensual and Lust Filled Realms of Serpents, Dragons, Nagas, and Monsters of the Deep ….there She had children, and kept the underworld water beings happy with her Presence.

Genesis Chapter two, brings EVE as Chesed…and somehow the Rabbi, points out that Eve, as Created Help Mate from “man’s Side”, is the “Ideal Wife”…at home bringing in Paradise….

“Who would you like to have as your wife”, says the Rabbi…

“Lillith or Eve”??

mmmmm….what happens when a woman continually “Looks after others first”

and does not have a fair share in the Creating Paradise “Vision”…?

When the Eve of a person shuts the Door on Lillith……

How does she maintain her own VERTICAL CONNECTIONS of Sovereignty to the ONE,

in the midst of being the Family Soul Anchor?

Lillith, when we haven’t listened to her rumblings, usually shows her self as the Inner Bitch (1)…and the Inner Bitch is enlivened, when we do not look after the “feminine” places of our own heart and soul….and hold to the integrity of OUR OWN inner truth.

Janet Mentgen, one of Wholistic Nurses that created Healing Touch International,

built into her whole Healing Model the essential importance of SELF care…

to “DO THE MASTER’s WORK” in the every day….

her biggest teaching to me in getting 8 hours of PRONE time each night as a PRIORITY.

What i have learned, is that the “healing power that one cultivates” is the learning to care for one’s Inner Lillith in what she needs to thrive, and nourish her creative Force, and expression of SELF Sovereignty.

i’ve since lost the book called WomanChrist…a book of feminist “theology” radical in it’s day ….there was an article by Valerie Saving called the “Human Situation: A FEMININE VIEW”. Her main thesis was that “masculine” and “feminine” “SINS” are different…our bodies are different, and this has effect on our whole Embodied Wisdom.

“men’s” sins focused around “Pride” and “Unawareness of “OTHER’S” “need” SELFISHNESS”, while

“women’s sins”, were characterized by “diffusive giving and thinking”, as well the resistance to

disengage from her “tuning into others” radar to hear her own Truth.

Lillith, is the part of the Woman’s Psyche and the Male in his Anima that gets engaged in “unconscious” war tactics, when Self CARE has not been part of Compassionate Body – Emotional Mindfulness daily practice…and open hearted authenticity with oneself.

Basically, Lillith Rising in the Bitch of the Feminine, means that too much attention is going into “other people’s agendas, appearances and Looking good” and INNER SACRED SPACE in SOLITUDE is the Answer….following Lillith and having a talk with all those serpents seething in our Nether parts….

What emerged for me from these meditations was a Body Prayer.

My left hand beginning at my left thigh and pushing outward…

with the Sound Gevurah.

As i followed this inspiration, i experienced “creating” ENERGETIC Space

required to function in an optimum way….

and a clearing of my “pelvis” as to “what i was cradling” not for highest good.

…. so all that is AUTHENTICALLY, Good, True, and Beautiful,

may Fill the Space.

Then…my right hand, extended arms length to the Right

….seemed to “GATHER” all the etheric threads of Life,

and in a slow cupping motion bring them into my heart

as “Tiferet”

with the Sound VAV.

With this came the awareness,

that i don’t need to “send any energy out to anybody or anything”…

ALL that is LOVED and LIFE exists right in the Centre of the Heart.

It has surfaced to my attention that it is these

Guardian Sefirot, Gevurah and Chesed

Carolyn Myss perceives at THROAT CHAKRA…..

the Gates that need “Aquaintance”,

that We Might give SYNTHETIC EXPRESSION to Tiferet.

The Sacrament of Confession is now perceived in THEOLOGICAL CIRCLES from the perspective of the Sacrament of RECONCILIATION…something that requires inner active Peacemaking as well as verbalization of falling Short of Expressing the Glory of G~D.

“Sefirot/Sacrament connection. The fifth chakra corresponds o the Sefirah of Hesed, representing the love or mercy of God, and of Gevurah, representing the judgement of God. These two sefirot are the right and left arms of God, portraying the balanced nature of Divine will. The implication of these sefirot is that the Divine is merciful, and that only God has the right to judge the choices we make. The Sefirah of the Hesed reminds us to use loving words to communicate with others, and the sefirah of Gevurah reminds us to speak with honor and integrity. The sacrament of Confession is aligned to the fifth chakra, symbolic of the fact that we are all accountable for the way we use our willpower. Through the sacrament of Confession, we are given an opportunity to retrieve our spirits from the “negative missions” we may have sent them on as a consequence of our negative thoughts or actions.

….Understanding the energy consequences of our thoughts and beliefs, as well as our actions, may force us to become honest to a new degree. …Genuine, complete healing requires honesty with oneself. An inability to be honest obstructs healing as seriously as the inability to forgive. Honesty and forgiveness retrieve or energy–our spirits–from the energy dimension of “the past” Our fifth chakra and it’s spiritual lessons show us that personal power lies in our thoughts and attitudes.” (2)

These two Seferiot seem to be lighting up in the Alta Major/Baleen Chakras…as the healing of the XX chromosone nature of DNA in the Centre of what we call Humanity…

Tiferet…..YOKE OF CHRIST and the Clasp of “Mary’s” “Mantle”

in the INNER RECONCILIATION of Yin and Yang…the Holy Mother and Holy Father of our Humanity.

to the Glory of the Synthetic ONE.



(2) Myss, Carolyn, “Anatomy of the Spirit”, Three Rivers Press, Random House, New York, New York., (c.)1996, p.220, 221.  bold and italics my emphasis.